News Care: If pension and assets are not sufficient for the care costs 

News Care: If pension and assets are not sufficient for the care costs 

Thursday, 26.09.13 , written by Christian Hafler In the show “Marktplatz” Deutschlandradio has today dealt with the topic care and long-term care insurance. Children have to fulfill a maintenance obligation towards their parents. If the parent’s pension and assets are insufficient, the children must pay the nursing home costs. When it comes to parenting, terms such as well-being and retirement assets are 

Deutschlandradio über Pflege und Elternunterhalt: Schonvermögen und Co

Not enough money for the nursing home: children have to step in financially

It has long been known that the statutory long-term care insurance is far from sufficient to cover the actual care costs for long-term care. As Deutschlandradio reports, people in need of care in the nursing home have to pay at least 1,000 to 2,000 euros per month despite state support. If one’s own pension and assets are no longer sufficient to pay for the care, the welfare office will initially help. This may then demand the money back from the children. But there are many open questions. For example, do parents have to sacrifice their entire possessions for the nursing home? And which assets are taken into account when calculating the so-called parent maintenance. Deutschlandfunk and its experts tried to find answers to these and other questions on Thursday in the program “Marktplatz” together with experts.

Care: What counts in the case of parental maintenance as a pension fund?

Consumers are particularly often wondering what the welfare office is allowed to consider when calculating parental maintenance. For example, there is the pension fund that can not be touched. Ulrike Börger, specialist lawyer for family law, explains to dradio that this corresponds to five percent of the annual gross income over the entire working time. Expert Martin Wahlers, who has worked on the parenting guide, explains that consumers need to multiply the years they have worked by five percent of their current gross annual income to calculate their retirement assets.

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Beauty: car, house and condominium

Another important term in parenting is the ability to protect. These include various allowances that the social services office may not take into account. These include, for example, costs for new glasses or for a new car, says Wahlers. Recently, an up-to-date judgment of the Federal Court of Justice has also stipulated that owner-occupied property should also be regarded as a property of natural beauty.

Heritage and donation: what can the social welfare office reclaim?

If people in need of care were given a donation to their children within ten years of becoming dependent, the Social Welfare Office has the right to reclaim it from the dependent children, explains Wahlers. If this is not possible for the persons concerned, they may have to make a compensation payment to the Office.

With respect to an inheritance, the Office may not apply the amount retroactively. In this particular case, a listener had told dradio about his mother, who has been receiving around € 700 in social assistance every month since 2004, so that the nursing home costs can be paid. In between, the woman inherited. The Office now wanted to use the legacy retroactively to cover the costs until 2004. However, the experts Börger and Wahlers point out that this is not possible. The inheritance may be considered only from the period from which it was obtained.

Private long-term care insurance: protect yourself and children with care

Those who want to avoid a high financial burden on their children and for themselves as a parent can take precautions. Because children only have to pay for their parents if they can not pay the costs out of their own pocket. With the conclusion of a private long-term care insurance, the benefits of the statutory long-term care insurance can be increased. Consumers, for example, can close the financial gap in the case of long-term care with a foster care insurance “, reports Stiftung Warentest.

Long-term care insurance: avoid financial burden on children

The magazine Finanztest has calculated how many married couples have to pay for their parents living in the nursing home. With a net disposable income of € 2,000 a month and an income of € 1,500 from the spouse, the breadwinner has to pay € 195 each month for the care of his parent. For comparison: The private long-term care insurance from HanseMerkur, rated “very good” by Stiftung Warentest, costs 85 euros per month for a 55-year old insured person. Not only will the costs be reimbursed in the nursing home in the different care levels, but also at home care. The insured is thus optimally secured in the case of long-term care.

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