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Loan early – immediate loan online

Information on early repayment of loans, including tips on how the repayment of the loan works better, advice on Intrasavings loans and prepayment penalties. Since the bank loses interest income through early repayment, it is often entitled to a compensation payment – the so-called prepayment penalty. For early repayment, a fee will be charged. Do […]

The mayor of Montellano defends his management and blames the previous government for payroll defaults

The mayor of the Municipality of Montellano, Curro Gil Malaga (PSOE), said that, during 12 months of government, the payroll owed by the previous Consistory to the officials, such as the extra of December 2014, has been paid. April to December 2015 (including the extra June) and 70 percent of the payroll of January this […]

News Care: If pension and assets are not sufficient for the care costs 

Thursday, 26.09.13 , written by Christian Hafler In the show “Marktplatz” Deutschlandradio has today dealt with the topic care and long-term care insurance. Children have to fulfill a maintenance obligation towards their parents. If the parent’s pension and assets are insufficient, the children must pay the nursing home costs. When it comes to parenting, terms […]