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Loan early – immediate loan online

Information on early repayment of loans, including tips on how the repayment of the loan works better, advice on Intrasavings loans and prepayment penalties. Since the bank loses interest income through early repayment, it is often entitled to a compensation payment – the so-called prepayment penalty. For early repayment, a fee will be charged. Do […]

Saving Tips for Home Renovators

Even if you don’t have to spend on upgrading your old houses, you often have to make minor or major changes to the property you buy or already have. We renovated a family house for more than 2 years, demolished it without walls and doors, and after the internal work done mainly by our own […]

Redeem Mortgage

At least six months before the end of the term you should consider whether and how to repay or extend your mortgage. Information on early repayment of the mortgage, including tips on how the repayment of the loan works better, advice on prepayment penalties. What should I watch out for if my mortgage is replaced […]

Same day payday loans online – No credit check Payday loans online

A person’s economic situation is subject to many variations over time. For some, it may improve, but for others, unfortunately, it can get worse. In the event that, given the previous resources, there are different loan repayment installments to be supported and the economic resources go towards a dangerous decline, inevitably we will find ourselves […]

Emergency tariff benefits all privately insured persons

The situation for defaulting private patients has improved significantly since the introduction of the private health insurance emergency tariff. Since the emergency tariff costs little, those affected have a real chance for the first time to reduce their premium debts with the insurer. According to the Signal Iduna, this benefits even all PKV insured persons. […]

Payday Loans – Fast Funds

Payday loans online no credit check Wellness is wealth. This bands true, especially if it involves the whole family’s well-being. When any family member gets sick, this translates to medical expenses so when you have not prepared sufficient emergency fund, you could quickly spend all your income plus borrow some more. Good thing you are […]

Skoda Citigo used cars – compare offers now!

# Compare Remember You have 0 vehicles in your watchlist You have ~ numberOfFavourites ~ Vehicles in your watchlist For comparison 1) An offer from 1822direkt, Borsigallee 19, 60388 Frankfurt am Main: effective annual interest rate 1.85%, fixed borrowing rate pa 1.83%, term 60 months, 60 installments, net loan amount 9.430 €, total amount 9.876,00 […]


Long before the birth of a child, parents and grandparents wonder how the future of the child will look like. To help them learn a great job or start studying, grandparents often invest money in a savings plan, providing children with insurance for their education. Many parents also think about a training insurance. Whether or […]

The mayor of Montellano defends his management and blames the previous government for payroll defaults

The mayor of the Municipality of Montellano, Curro Gil Malaga (PSOE), said that, during 12 months of government, the payroll owed by the previous Consistory to the officials, such as the extra of December 2014, has been paid. April to December 2015 (including the extra June) and 70 percent of the payroll of January this […]